France Wedding Planner & Coordinator

Wedding Designer - South West France

Pure Expression Events are luxury wedding designers based in France. 

Professional Wedding Designer

At Pure Expression Events, our wedding designer helps to customize your wedding.

Wedding decorations are simply one aspect in the wedding planner book! There are a number of different ways to personalize a wedding, including food, music, and the ceremony itself. 

When you choose our wedding planners, you are being paired with the best! We can organize private château weddings, summer vineyard weddings, and much more!

We take care of all your needs


Wedding designer south west france

Looking for a luxury wedding designer?

Personalized Wedding Designs

Pure Expression Events begins by learning about your culture, background and career. From there, we piece together the perfect ceremony based on the couple’s lifestyle. 

This will help us determine what kind of castle wedding venue you require, what sort of meals should be prepared, and what band to book.

With our wedding designer, you are guaranteed a meaningful and elegant wedding ceremony that will leave a lasting impression on you and your loved ones.

We create weddings suited just for you


Wedding designer south west france

Our services

  • Wedding Planning
  • Event Planning
  • Wedding Design
  • Castle Wedding Planning
  • Destination Wedding Planning

Our Strengths

  • Professionalism that ensures all aspects are handled promptly
  • Over 7 years of expertise in planning weddings France
  • Personalized approach that guarantees a wedding tailored to you and your partner

We organize weddings in

  • Bordeaux
  • Toulouse
  • And anywhere else in France

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