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Leading you through the planning process with a plan and purpose, valuing each moment and every detail.



You've decided to get married in this wonderful land of food, wine and castles that we call France.  You are ready to dive into the BEST of what France has to offer for your wedding festivities.

You know you need help with planning, but what kind of help?

What level of service is right for you?

Maybe you’re thinking “Where do I start?


Wedding in France. Chateau Wedding France

Full Wedding Planning & Wedding Management

Did you know that the average can couple can spend over 450 hours planning their wedding….in their own country?

Do you have that much spare time to dedicate to planning?

Do you have intimate knowledge of French culture?

Let me help you save time, money and your sanity... 

And let me let me help you have a little fun!

I’ll be with you every step of the way so that planning your wedding is a smooth, enjoyable process from beginning to end. 

No stressing over which vendors are reliable or if you translated that email from the caterer correctly. 

No wondering where you’ll get those lights you’ve been dreaming of or who will put them up. 

No worrying about how you are going to get your guests safely back to their accommodations after the wedding. 

You can rely on your planner.

I put my knowledge and expertise of all things French-Wedding at your service to create a life-moment that represents your vision, your values and your uniqueness.   

If you’re looking for a professional third wheel to chauffeur you through an unforgettable wedding planning journey, a Full Wedding Planning Package is perfect for you.

Wedding in France. Chateau Wedding France

Nicole is literally the DREAM! I was a little skeptical about hiring a wedding planner at first, but planning a wedding in France was too daunting a task to manage without one.  Nicole make the whole process so easy! 

~Amy & Sam

Wedding in France. Chateau Wedding France

Wedding Management


You are probably familiar with the term Day-Of Coordination”, but really? Does that even exist?

Can you expect someone to just show up on the day and execute everything how you planned?  Everything you’ve poured your energy and heart into for months, all of those, oh-so-important details?  Even if this person were to jump on-board a couple of weeks before the wedding, do you believe that you could provide them with ALL of the details? Will the have enough information to execute EXACTLY the way you want? 

I don’t think so.

Wedding Management is more than just a Day-Of or Month-Of service.  It’s SOO much more.

Yes ,YOU will be doing the planning, booking your venue, contacting caterers, hiring a florist, planning the ceremony and organizing the logistics of your special day – HOWEVER, throughout this entire planning period, you will have unlimited access to an experienced planner.   

Nicole will be just an email away, to guide you through the process, answer all of your questions and make sure that you cover all of your bases. 

Sounds too good to be true….

It’s not !

Do you want a professional to coordinate your wedding day?  Do you know that you'll need some expert advice along the way?   The Wedding Management Service provides both.   

And that's not all....

In addition to unlimited access to my expert advice on all things French-Wedding, the Management Service includes tons of other great materials and software to get you moving and keep you on-track.     

Sounds like the right fit for you?

Looking for a more punctual planning solution? 

Need expert advice but hiring a full service planner isn't for you?


Here are some other ways we can work together...



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Perfect for DIY couples who just need a blueprint to keep them on track!

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